Saturday, September 10, 2016

A New Day

Hello to my dear friends and wonderful loyal customers. As you know life hasn't been the easiest for me since I lost my beloved. I have found it difficult to move on but I have experienced so many rich blessings during that time.

My jewellery making and my contact with fellow artisans on the worldwide web sustained me through the hard times of caring for Trevor as he gradually slipped away from me.
It is only now that I have begun to look to my Jewellery again for direction.  My website was born during the hardest time of my life and I fear I haven't  given it the attention it deserves up to this point.

I am feeling a lot more settled now and ready to move forward.  Consequently I will be loading lots of new pieces which have not been seen before to my website over the coming weeks and months.

I would love you to come and take a look at my website at

So friends I will be keeping you informed on my upcoming specials and new releases via this Blog for the time being but very shortly I will be blogging from my website. Should you wish to receive my weekly newsletter please sign up. You can add your details to my list on the front page of my website.
Thanks so much for your patience and continuing support. It means the world to me.

Much love
Lyn Joy xx

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Here and Now

Welcome back to my Journey from Jewels to Jubilation. As you probably know by now I have been trying to move on after the loss of my beloved Trevor. So I am here today to let you know that I am doing okay and still have my bad days but I always will. I don't wish to burden you with anymore of this gloomy talk. I want to be happy again and my Jewellery Journey does make me very Happy.
I've been behind the scenes tinkering with some new ideas for my Jewellery Line Queens of the Sea.
Also I am branching into a Gift Line of Bracelets and have been busy working on these. 
Brooches are another Gift Line I am working on as well.

These two Brooches are bound for two of my friends as Birthday Gifts. These are two styles which will be going into my Gift Line on my website

This Elegant Satin Matte Gold Classic Style Bracelet features in my Bracelet Line.

Here's a very interesting story that I hope you will enjoy. My friend and her sister are walking in Ireland 500kms to raise money for Cancer Research. A subject very close to my heart and hers as she has lost family members to Cancer as well. I have made these earrings for them to carry with them and wear during their walk. Dear Trevor dreamed of going over there to support them in their venture but sadly was not meant to be....he ran out of time.
Jennifer and Sue will wear these proudly

 A Touch of the Shamrock Earrings

If anyone would like to donate to their Walk this is the link below.

Thanks for reading my blog. I would love you to leave me a comment. I would also ask that if you would like to receive a regular update of my new creations would you kindly leave me your email address in the Comments section. This way I can keep you updated with offers and new Stock on offer. Thanks to each and every one of you who support me in many different ways. It is very much appreciated.  Have a great Saturday and I look forward to chatting again very soon
Love and Light
Lyn Joy

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Persistence Begins to Pay Off

Happy Friday to you!! Well I've been really keeping myself busy this past week. I have had some more training on my Website so that I can get my shopping cart up so that when you browse my site you will be able to see the price and checkout if you see something that takes your fancy.
I am proud to say I have now loaded some of my new line items to my shopping cart.
"Queens of the Sea" is what I named it and I am frantically working on loading more and more of my pieces to the site.  
I am about to start loading my other earlier Designs for your viewing and browsing pleasure.

I'm very excited about my new venture onto the World Wide Web and I hope you will enjoy seeing what is forthcoming.
Leave me your feedback in the comments section if you are so inclined..I'd really love to know your opinion.
Thanks to my supporters who have purchased from me over the years. I really appreciate your business and I hope you enjoy being able to purchase online from me now.
I dedicate my New Website to you all with my humble appreciation.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Love and Light to each and every one of  you.

Lyn Joy

Saturday, April 16, 2016

As the Dust Settles

So life has been pretty insane for my family and I particularly since Christmas 2015.

My darling husband Trevor had to succumb to the evil Cancer which invaded his frail body after 10 years of enjoying remission from Gastric Cancer.

Enough sad news.  I wanted to show the fruits of my labour during the Build a Line Challenge 2016 which was sponsored by the wonderful teacher and mentor Brenda Sue Lansdowne of

I was determined to graduate the Class and despite the fact that Trevor passed away on 22nd March 2016 and his Cremation Service held on 1st April.
I set my blog to publish on that day and gave it the best I could under the circumstances.
Looking back I just wanted to display some better pictures of my line and share with you what I have in mind moving on "Now that the Dust has Settled".

Top of the Line is my "Showstopper"          
Front of Necklace
Back of Necklace which I lined
 with Ultrasuede for Comfort
Queens of the Sea Large Assemblage Collar Necklace

This Collar will be personally signed by me on the back side so you will own a one of a kind piece of my Gift Jewellery Line

Thanks so much for stopping by my place to read my latest Blog.
I will be adding more pictures of my Line working my way down the list from the most expensive piece to lesser priced items which I am sure you will love
See you really soon
Much love to you All
Lyn Joy Reeve

Friday, April 1, 2016

THIRD BLOG HOP Build a Line Challenge 2016 Master Class

Welcome to my last Blog for this Challenge...I have learned so much from my Mentor and Teacher Brenda Sue Lansdowne. Not only about the art of Jewellery making but about myself and life in general. To say that the last three months have been a rollercoaster ride is an understatement. I knew I would be challenged beyond my expectations when I began the course in January at a time when my husband Trevor had taken a turn for the worst with his Cancer and I would be full time carer and nurse for him but I wanted to continue and he wanted me to as well...I'll make no more mention of this sad time other than to say I lost my dear Trevor on 22nd March 2016. I know he would have wanted me to see this commitment through so I am writing this for him and me of course. I had written this once already and in my haste I deleted it earlier today and was unable to retrieve it so here I go again.

Presenting my "Queens of the Sea" Line of Jewellery consisting of a Toe Ring, Beach Sandals, Pinky Finger Ring, Knuckle Duster Ring, Mermaid Shoulder Duster Earrings, Matching Mermaid Pendant, Seahorse Pendant, Under the Sea Pendant, Mermaid Cuff Bracelet Mermaid Shield Pendant and my Show Stopper Assemblage Piece which I have named "Deep Sea Elegance".

Toe Ring

Product Code: FIG03565

Beach Sandals

Bracelet Connector

3 Rings on Display

Adjustable for Size foot

 Pinky Ring 
 Worn 3 ways

Knuckle Duster Ring

 These Shoulder Duster Earrings have a matching Pendant

Mermaid Queen Pendant to Match Earrings

Seahorse Pendant
Made from the same Stamping as the Knuckle Duster Ring

Under the Sea Queens Pendant

Mermaid Queen Statement Cuff Bracelet

Mermaid Crown Shield Pendant

Show Stopper Assemblage Necklace

I am proud of what I have been able to achieve during this Challenge and once the dust settles I will be taking up where I left off and doing a complete revision of the File Notes from beginning to end at my leisure.
I am so grateful to you for stopping by and reading my blog and I encourage you now to move on and read the many wonderful blogs and work created by my classmates in this Challenge and leave them a comment of encouragement on a job well done..I look forward to reading your comments for me as well.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Style Emerges and a Line Begins

Welcome to our Second BALC 2016 Blog Hop....Here I am proud to present to you a work in progress of my emerging Line of Jewelry.

B'Sue Boutiques is our sponsor for this Challenge and the lovely owner Brenda Sue Lansdowne is our Teacher and Mentor.

I am a very happy customer of B'Sue Boutiques and I always use her products in My Designs.

Please stop by and browse at where you'll find THE BEST STUFF!!!

 I have chosen my components wisely and  Colorized the ones that needed are some of the pictures of my work in progress 

I have had so many ideas spinning around in my head. So I've been just "going for it" and using my favourite techniques on my chosen pieces in Raw Brass which I intend to team with the wonderful plating finishes on B'sue's Stampings and embellishments. 

So far I can reveal my two finished pieces for your viewing pleasure. ...I have a pair of  "Surf Sandals" as pictured to your left and Below

My second finished Piece is My "Sea Queen" Statement Cuff.

By now you may have guessed the name of my Line or maybe tell the truth I am still tweaking it .....I'm thinking maybe   QUEENS of the SEA ?

I guess that will depend on the rest of my far my Surf Sandals feature a crown connector and my mermaid wears a we shall see what evolves!!!

Thanks so much for visiting me at my Blog and I would also encourage you to visit all my friends and class mates when you finish reading mine...there are some great reads there too!!

"Brenda Sue Lansdowne Jewelry Making Outside the Box