Friday, June 3, 2016

The Here and Now

Welcome back to my Journey from Jewels to Jubilation. As you probably know by now I have been trying to move on after the loss of my beloved Trevor. So I am here today to let you know that I am doing okay and still have my bad days but I always will. I don't wish to burden you with anymore of this gloomy talk. I want to be happy again and my Jewellery Journey does make me very Happy.
I've been behind the scenes tinkering with some new ideas for my Jewellery Line Queens of the Sea.
Also I am branching into a Gift Line of Bracelets and have been busy working on these. 
Brooches are another Gift Line I am working on as well.

These two Brooches are bound for two of my friends as Birthday Gifts. These are two styles which will be going into my Gift Line on my website

This Elegant Satin Matte Gold Classic Style Bracelet features in my Bracelet Line.

Here's a very interesting story that I hope you will enjoy. My friend and her sister are walking in Ireland 500kms to raise money for Cancer Research. A subject very close to my heart and hers as she has lost family members to Cancer as well. I have made these earrings for them to carry with them and wear during their walk. Dear Trevor dreamed of going over there to support them in their venture but sadly was not meant to be....he ran out of time.
Jennifer and Sue will wear these proudly

 A Touch of the Shamrock Earrings

If anyone would like to donate to their Walk this is the link below.

Thanks for reading my blog. I would love you to leave me a comment. I would also ask that if you would like to receive a regular update of my new creations would you kindly leave me your email address in the Comments section. This way I can keep you updated with offers and new Stock on offer. Thanks to each and every one of you who support me in many different ways. It is very much appreciated.  Have a great Saturday and I look forward to chatting again very soon
Love and Light
Lyn Joy

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