Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Season

Here I sit on Sunday 27th December at home with hubby. Not quite as I planned it. We got the camper set up on Wednesday 23rd at the Van Park...check...I knew Trevor was in pain because his last chemo was 10 weeks ago but I was positive and hopeful that we would get this last week with the family before he had his chemo again.. Well we got the shopping done on Xmas Eve, I got to spend a lovely few hours with my daughter Lauren just us two catching up on lots of chatter and goss over our breaky at the coffee shop..Xmas lunch was casual as my other daughter and son in law had to work so our special dinner was at night...Yay made it through!!!
A bit of   Tom Foolery happening here with his funny scottish hat lol

These are two of the bracelets i sold as xmas gifts which I was very excited about so I have much to be grateful for don't get me wrong
By Boxing Day we decided to take Trevor to the emergency department to get some help with his pain..
By george those Fentanyl shots work a treat!!! Sadly they wear off...he thought he was invincible for a few hours yesterday making all sorts of plans to go back to the Van Park.
Not happening....we are at home which is the most comfortable place for him to be...I am looking at my design plans for the BALC to keep my sanity...
My frustration levels are off the scale just now because he made a bad mistake not having the chemo while he could and would have been so much better for Xmas.
What's done is done though.
I don't mean to bring anyone down with this blog as on a positive note I gained back time I wouldn't have had if I was in the Van Park....all my lovely pretties are here around me in my craft room which I can retreat to at any time for a little release...I'm hoping for better news by Tuesday when I will be insisting on seeing the Oncologists and pushing for his chemo to be done a week earlier than scheduled..
Wish me luck with that our public hospital system we have to take what we are private cover so its the free hospital system for us...
I have so many design ideas twirling around my tiny mind its awesome!!!! Can't wait to start on the 5th and share good news with you all then
Love and light