Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Style Emerges and a Line Begins

Welcome to our Second BALC 2016 Blog Hop....Here I am proud to present to you a work in progress of my emerging Line of Jewelry.

B'Sue Boutiques is our sponsor for this Challenge and the lovely owner Brenda Sue Lansdowne is our Teacher and Mentor.

I am a very happy customer of B'Sue Boutiques and I always use her products in My Designs.

Please stop by and browse at where you'll find THE BEST STUFF!!!

 I have chosen my components wisely and  Colorized the ones that needed are some of the pictures of my work in progress 

I have had so many ideas spinning around in my head. So I've been just "going for it" and using my favourite techniques on my chosen pieces in Raw Brass which I intend to team with the wonderful plating finishes on B'sue's Stampings and embellishments. 

So far I can reveal my two finished pieces for your viewing pleasure. ...I have a pair of  "Surf Sandals" as pictured to your left and Below

My second finished Piece is My "Sea Queen" Statement Cuff.

By now you may have guessed the name of my Line or maybe tell the truth I am still tweaking it .....I'm thinking maybe   QUEENS of the SEA ?

I guess that will depend on the rest of my far my Surf Sandals feature a crown connector and my mermaid wears a we shall see what evolves!!!

Thanks so much for visiting me at my Blog and I would also encourage you to visit all my friends and class mates when you finish reading mine...there are some great reads there too!!

"Brenda Sue Lansdowne Jewelry Making Outside the Box