Friday, April 1, 2016

THIRD BLOG HOP Build a Line Challenge 2016 Master Class

Welcome to my last Blog for this Challenge...I have learned so much from my Mentor and Teacher Brenda Sue Lansdowne. Not only about the art of Jewellery making but about myself and life in general. To say that the last three months have been a rollercoaster ride is an understatement. I knew I would be challenged beyond my expectations when I began the course in January at a time when my husband Trevor had taken a turn for the worst with his Cancer and I would be full time carer and nurse for him but I wanted to continue and he wanted me to as well...I'll make no more mention of this sad time other than to say I lost my dear Trevor on 22nd March 2016. I know he would have wanted me to see this commitment through so I am writing this for him and me of course. I had written this once already and in my haste I deleted it earlier today and was unable to retrieve it so here I go again.

Presenting my "Queens of the Sea" Line of Jewellery consisting of a Toe Ring, Beach Sandals, Pinky Finger Ring, Knuckle Duster Ring, Mermaid Shoulder Duster Earrings, Matching Mermaid Pendant, Seahorse Pendant, Under the Sea Pendant, Mermaid Cuff Bracelet Mermaid Shield Pendant and my Show Stopper Assemblage Piece which I have named "Deep Sea Elegance".

Toe Ring

Product Code: FIG03565

Beach Sandals

Bracelet Connector

3 Rings on Display

Adjustable for Size foot

 Pinky Ring 
 Worn 3 ways

Knuckle Duster Ring

 These Shoulder Duster Earrings have a matching Pendant

Mermaid Queen Pendant to Match Earrings

Seahorse Pendant
Made from the same Stamping as the Knuckle Duster Ring

Under the Sea Queens Pendant

Mermaid Queen Statement Cuff Bracelet

Mermaid Crown Shield Pendant

Show Stopper Assemblage Necklace

I am proud of what I have been able to achieve during this Challenge and once the dust settles I will be taking up where I left off and doing a complete revision of the File Notes from beginning to end at my leisure.
I am so grateful to you for stopping by and reading my blog and I encourage you now to move on and read the many wonderful blogs and work created by my classmates in this Challenge and leave them a comment of encouragement on a job well done..I look forward to reading your comments for me as well.