Saturday, September 10, 2016

A New Day

Hello to my dear friends and wonderful loyal customers. As you know life hasn't been the easiest for me since I lost my beloved. I have found it difficult to move on but I have experienced so many rich blessings during that time.

My jewellery making and my contact with fellow artisans on the worldwide web sustained me through the hard times of caring for Trevor as he gradually slipped away from me.
It is only now that I have begun to look to my Jewellery again for direction.  My website was born during the hardest time of my life and I fear I haven't  given it the attention it deserves up to this point.

I am feeling a lot more settled now and ready to move forward.  Consequently I will be loading lots of new pieces which have not been seen before to my website over the coming weeks and months.

I would love you to come and take a look at my website at

So friends I will be keeping you informed on my upcoming specials and new releases via this Blog for the time being but very shortly I will be blogging from my website. Should you wish to receive my weekly newsletter please sign up. You can add your details to my list on the front page of my website.
Thanks so much for your patience and continuing support. It means the world to me.

Much love
Lyn Joy xx