Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Journey has Begun in my Master Class 2016

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I'm Lyn Reeve of MadeforYouAlone,and I'd like to tell you about my experience so far along with 40 other class members in the Build A Line Master Class Challenge 2016.
This is number one Blog in a series of 3 to be delivered over the next 3 months.
As a designer of one off jewelry pieces I am hoping to achieve the knowledge to create a cohesive line of jewelry for a gift line and i will be making a minimum of 5 pieces which all work together to form my line. My chosen style will be Sea, Sand  
and Surf.
B'Sue Boutiques is sponsoring this event and I am happy to say that I use her stampings and embellishments to create my designs.
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Just a sampling of the components I will be using
Quality Raw Brass and Plated Stampings from B'Sue

Seaside Themes

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