Saturday, April 16, 2016

As the Dust Settles

So life has been pretty insane for my family and I particularly since Christmas 2015.

My darling husband Trevor had to succumb to the evil Cancer which invaded his frail body after 10 years of enjoying remission from Gastric Cancer.

Enough sad news.  I wanted to show the fruits of my labour during the Build a Line Challenge 2016 which was sponsored by the wonderful teacher and mentor Brenda Sue Lansdowne of

I was determined to graduate the Class and despite the fact that Trevor passed away on 22nd March 2016 and his Cremation Service held on 1st April.
I set my blog to publish on that day and gave it the best I could under the circumstances.
Looking back I just wanted to display some better pictures of my line and share with you what I have in mind moving on "Now that the Dust has Settled".

Top of the Line is my "Showstopper"          
Front of Necklace
Back of Necklace which I lined
 with Ultrasuede for Comfort
Queens of the Sea Large Assemblage Collar Necklace

This Collar will be personally signed by me on the back side so you will own a one of a kind piece of my Gift Jewellery Line

Thanks so much for stopping by my place to read my latest Blog.
I will be adding more pictures of my Line working my way down the list from the most expensive piece to lesser priced items which I am sure you will love
See you really soon
Much love to you All
Lyn Joy Reeve

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